Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Macaroons, Scrubs and More

Ever had a macaroon?
This past two days, my husband and I went on an eating excursion on new restaurants in town. First stop, La tour cafe. We had panini, chicken pesto flat bread and these to-die-for macaroons..

Guava macaroon - their best seller
Mango, Black Strawberry and Guava macaroons 
Macha green tea, Melona, Mango, Strawberry and Guava macaroons
 Then..We went to Yogurstory yesterday, they had really nice interior designing. We had Red velvet waffles with taro cream cheese and chocolate drizze, Dolce de leche waffles with caramelized bananas and santa monica eggs benedict. It was delish!

Dulce de leche waffles
Red velvet waffles with taro cream cheese, red velvet croutons and chocolate drizzle
Santa Monica eggs benedict
Our friend couldn't get enough of the macaroons so we went to get more the next day...
Mango, Chocolate, Melona and Macha green tea macaroons
Went home and back to sewing, I had 2 orders of scrubs.  The prints are so cute. One is brown with Hawaii-ish all over it such as 'Da Bus', Diamond Head crater, beach, Trolley, streets such as Waikiki and Nimitz, Ala Moana mall, its so cute. The blue print has cute tokidoki-ish design, also a little local style with 'Spam Musubi' and rainbows and such all over it. 
Nursing scrubs size small
Now back to sewing, or thinking of my next project...or maybe I should run and workout before I get diabetes from all those macaroons. haha

Enjoy your day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoom Zoom Zoom


Have you ever had a dream car? Ever played with matchbox as a child?

This weekend, we went to an auto show at the Hawaii Convention Center. It was like being a kid all over again, except they weren't matchbox, but real cars that half of America can't afford to purchase. Especially, with today's economy and gas prices increasing almost everyday. 
Walking around for 3 hours with high heels on, I sat down to wait for my husband finish his car to car viewing (3 hours wasn't enough for him, haha).  It's interesting what you see when you're just still in the middle of a whole bunch of people.  Some went inside the cars, checked out what features it has, some just looked at the price tag to see the price and how much the MPG is, which by the way, electric cars are the next hybrids, but overall, people like me were there because most of us are a bunch of dreamers.  Dreaming that one day we'll get that car we've always wanted. 

What is your dream car? 
Here are some of the cars I took pictures of...

 Love this Ferrari's interior...

Another Ferrari
This bad boy on the bottom? It's only $273K. That's how much a mansion cost in some states. Most of these luxury cars were locked and blocked.
This Audi R8 is something I always look forward to, every car show. Love the LED lights and it just looks so classy and fast at the same time. 
Audi R8
So those are really nice luxury cars, huh? Well, guess which car I like?

Yup! This very unique, Nissan Cube. haha. It's a more realistic dream. Something that can actually happen within the next 5 years. haha. I just love how it's different, so futuristic, not too small but not too big in space, perfect to drive for someone who's under 5" like me. haha. And it's just so...for lack of a better word, cool.

Well, there's nothing wrong with dreaming. So whether it'd be a Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, or even a Cube that you dream about, keep on dreaming and make sure to reach for your dreams. If it's meant to be...then you'll get it. If not, be content with what you have anyway. 

Love and Mahalo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bite no more

Happy Aloha Friday!!!
(there's a song here in Hawaii that goes "it's aloha friday, no work til monday.." so every friday, people usually say happy aloha friday)

In my 25 years of existence I encountered a bad habit...biting my nails. Yuck, I know. Weeks ago, I was doing my mom's nails and she saw my nails and asked me if I have fake nails. I said "no", she replied with "how?". haha. I said "ugh, I just stopped biting it", I guess they were just so used to me having 'no' nails in the past. Its been two years since I last bit my nails. I figured, besides being able to paint and do those fun nail art thingy, getting acrylics are too pricey if you go every 3 weeks or so, so I forced myself to stop biting my nails even if I had to slap my other hand to do so. haha

I just started growing it out. haha 
zebra toes with rhinestones
little sister and cousin's little nails
Fading PinkRed with Plumeria - my fave
I thought I took a lot of pictures of every nails I did, from my mom's, cousins' to in-laws, but I guess not. haha. My favorite are the fading ones, although they require the most work and does not last for so long because of the thickness layer of clear nail polish that it require, it chips faster. My next fave would be white with black zebra stripes. 

It takes a little bit of time but its fun and unique. 

Since yesterday was St. Patrick's day, I colored my nails green, well turquoise, but close enough. haha

Happy nail painting...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cuddles and such

Aloha & Happy St. Patrick's day!

I whipped up some blankets for the babies in our family. The minky was so comfy, I want to make one for myself. :)

Hawaiian print and Pink Minky baby blanket
Embroidered her name
She loves her sesame street with Yellow Minky blanket
Baby blanket with matching bib

When I get a chance, I'll make more blankets, even for adults, only if fabrics here in Hawaii aren't so pricey. :/ but then again everything is so pricey nowadays.
Did I mention Hawaii has the highest average gas in the nation? $4.10. Can I get an 'OMG'? haha

Hope everyone has a great St. Patty's day and enjoy your corned beef.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Count your blessings


The other day, I made another post, not knowing its different from a blog, so that post isn't on my regular blog.  I wrote about the disaster that hit Japan and how thankful we are back home in Hawaii that our tsunami watch turned out to be nothing crazy.  I just want to encourage everyone to count their blessings because you never know when you're gonna 'go'. I always tell myself, "I don't wanna waste my time on unnecessary grudge and hate 'cause if I go tomorrow, I don't want 'hate' to be the last thing I did in my lifetime".  

Mostly every weekend my husband and I spend it with either one of our families.  This past sunday, we hiked Diamond Head crater with my parents, sisters and niece.  It was such a beautiful and perfect day to spend it with family.  

My dad, his friend, and my niece..leading the hike
My mom, going down the 270 something stairs.
The view from the top of the stairs.
husband, towards the end
My family after the hike

Living in Hawaii, it's hard to not think about being blessed. From the view, weather and nice people, there's never a second you can't stop to be thankful.

Lookout view. Going home to the windward side
You can never have too much husband and I stopped by party city to check out candies before the movies and guess what we found?

candy grillz
...candy grillz!

Mahalo for viewing.
and remember to count your blessings.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lucky I live Hawai'i!


Sunrise in North beach, Kailua
I have lived in Hawaii since 1998, i was 12 years old. Moving from the Philippines, it was totally different moving here. Things seemed nicer, cleaner and safer.  Today, I wanna share pictures to express how thankful I am that God placed me in such a beautiful place I now call, "home".

Kaneohe view
On top of Lanikai 'pillbox' hike with my friend Ash
I like to hike every chance I get with family and friends.  My husband is only limited to easy hikes because he doesn't like heights very much.  

There's rainbow in Hawaii almost everyday. You can't help but stop and look at the pretty colors, just like a kid all over again, except this time you appreciate it because of its beauty, not cause there's a pot of gold at the end of it. :)

Pali lookout

Sometimes, my husband and I bike to the beach and lay out, have a picnic for a couple of hours and even have ice cream. For this picture below, I had to put these ice cream in a bag filled with ice :)
Starbucks ice cream on the beach
View from the SuperFerry
Flowers are also another beautiful thing in Hawaii...I love flowers. My grandma loved her plants, especially roses and I remember watering them when she wasn't able to.
Flower in Kauai

Other than sunrise, view of mountains, ocean and flowers, the sunset in Hawaii is just breathtaking.  You can never have enough pictures of sunsets. This first picture below is very special to me, my husband proposed to me here :)

Sweet November - Sunset Koolina
Sunset in Kauai
Sunset in Waikiki Marriott
Heart - Sunset in Waianae with my younger sister.

I am just so thankful and blessed to live in a place people often call 'paradise'.  Always have a camera on hand, because every moment is a perfect moment worth keeping and remembering. "Take a picture, it'll last longer".

What are you thankful for?

Mahalo. <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nursing Scrubs


         Trendy nursing scrubs are the 'in' thing nowadays, at least in Hawaii, that is.  Two Christmases ago I made my sister-in-law a nursing scrubs top.  She loved it because of the unique print and her co-workers loved it as well.  Although mostly everyone loves the tokidoki-ish anime cartoon design, there are also who likes Aloha/Hawaiian print scrubs-for those who are not so 'wild'. ha ha

Like what people always tell me, "why don't you sell those?".  I tried to post the sample scrubs on craigslist to see if anyone would be interested, and yay! A costumer ordered not 1, 2, 3 but 4 scrubs which she ended up liking very much.
Nursing Scrubs - $18

My niece was a nurse for Halloween 2010. So cute...
trick or treat, little RN
..I made her a couple of pair of nursing scrubs which she now uses as pajamas. =) 
We're already thinking what she should be for this year's Halloween. 

Mahalo for viewing. Have a great day!!