Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sue who? Sushi


Guess who's back??? 

It's only right to start of my welcome back blog with a food review and for this it will be my favorite....SUSHI!!! Last weekend, my husband and I decided to go to Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar.  Sansei is located at the Marriott hotel in Waikiki and to some who might not know, all sushi are half off on friday and saturdays after 10 pm with karaoke. and this is just another reason for us to love it, right?  

A lot of time, Sansei's is packed for their friday and saturday half off, so I suggest coming early or coming really late or you are willing to wait for awhile or if you don't mind sitting in the bar to eat or wait to be seated.
We knew the drill, so of course, we were already parked at the hotel by 9:45, which by the way it's a 4-hour free parking with validation. We only had to wait for about 7 minutes since there were people in line before us.  Luckily, we were seated outside, which we'd actually prefer, since we get a little more privacy and less loud from the live karaoke inside.  

The usual menu on our list are:

Panko-Crusted fresh ahi sashimi (ahi sashima, arugula, and spinach in a crisp fried panko-crusted sushi roll, served with mild Soy Wasabi Butter sauce) - right pic

Japanese Calamari on wonton basket and bed of Nalo greens - left pic

 Simple yet delicious rolls, Unagi (eel) roll and Spicy Ahi (tuna) roll

 Matsuhisa Style Miso Butterfish - fresh tender butterfish marinated and seared in Sake and Sweet Miso (**His Fave**)

 Yaki-Maki Sushi Roll  - California Roll wrapped with Smoked Salmon, based with Sansei's Special Dynamite Sauce - a must have

 alrighty folks! All of these, which we ordered 2 each of the butterfish and panko-crusted ahi and drinks with 17% gratuity included  came out to $70+, which is not bad at all. Great quality sushi, great atmosphere and great price. What more can you ask for? We did try some of the menu before but don't have any picture for them.
Of course, they don't only have sushi at Sansei's, they have other main entrees, salad, sushi rolls, noodles, beer, cocktail and what's a Japanese restaurant without Sake?
As for dessert, we've tried the Tempura Fried macadamia Nut Ice Cream which is pretty good as well.
I will be posting more posts on restaurants like stay tuned :)