Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a wonderful world


It's been awhile. I've been caught up with sewing and taking a break by biking to the beach, running and walking as I listen to my iPod in one ear and the sound of crashing waves on the other.  Today, I went to the beach again, but with my older sister and my niece.  There was way too much tourists, not like how it used to be. I just sat back and realized how wonderful it was when it was peaceful, safe for kids and not having to worry about drunk people on the beach. Goodness..this is Hawaii!! But who are we kidding, right?

my niece with her 'kisses'
Other than that, it was a wonderful day. 

Went to Ben Franklin craft store after and made my niece headbands.
my niece's headbands - getting ready for Easter

I have been looking at cake pops and other than wanting to eat some, I've been wanting to make some. Here are some from Starbucks.
Starbucks Cakepops

Here is the bag I made the other day, an order for a baby shower.

And lastly, I went bowling with my side of the family for my cousin's birthday. Here is a crazy pic of my younger sister, my niece and I, while waiting for everyone.
By the way, I was horrible, as always. My highest was 99. So my husband bragged about his score of 140. Ha ha

Whatever it is you're doing this weekend or coming week, whether it would be with crazy family, crazy friends or crazy self, have a crazy fun time! Or even the NCAA tournament, whether UConn or Butler, cheer for someone. ha ha. 

And remember...
What a wonderful world.


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