Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Macaroons, Scrubs and More

Ever had a macaroon?
This past two days, my husband and I went on an eating excursion on new restaurants in town. First stop, La tour cafe. We had panini, chicken pesto flat bread and these to-die-for macaroons..

Guava macaroon - their best seller
Mango, Black Strawberry and Guava macaroons 
Macha green tea, Melona, Mango, Strawberry and Guava macaroons
 Then..We went to Yogurstory yesterday, they had really nice interior designing. We had Red velvet waffles with taro cream cheese and chocolate drizze, Dolce de leche waffles with caramelized bananas and santa monica eggs benedict. It was delish!

Dulce de leche waffles
Red velvet waffles with taro cream cheese, red velvet croutons and chocolate drizzle
Santa Monica eggs benedict
Our friend couldn't get enough of the macaroons so we went to get more the next day...
Mango, Chocolate, Melona and Macha green tea macaroons
Went home and back to sewing, I had 2 orders of scrubs.  The prints are so cute. One is brown with Hawaii-ish all over it such as 'Da Bus', Diamond Head crater, beach, Trolley, streets such as Waikiki and Nimitz, Ala Moana mall, its so cute. The blue print has cute tokidoki-ish design, also a little local style with 'Spam Musubi' and rainbows and such all over it. 
Nursing scrubs size small
Now back to sewing, or thinking of my next project...or maybe I should run and workout before I get diabetes from all those macaroons. haha

Enjoy your day.

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