Friday, March 18, 2011

Bite no more

Happy Aloha Friday!!!
(there's a song here in Hawaii that goes "it's aloha friday, no work til monday.." so every friday, people usually say happy aloha friday)

In my 25 years of existence I encountered a bad habit...biting my nails. Yuck, I know. Weeks ago, I was doing my mom's nails and she saw my nails and asked me if I have fake nails. I said "no", she replied with "how?". haha. I said "ugh, I just stopped biting it", I guess they were just so used to me having 'no' nails in the past. Its been two years since I last bit my nails. I figured, besides being able to paint and do those fun nail art thingy, getting acrylics are too pricey if you go every 3 weeks or so, so I forced myself to stop biting my nails even if I had to slap my other hand to do so. haha

I just started growing it out. haha 
zebra toes with rhinestones
little sister and cousin's little nails
Fading PinkRed with Plumeria - my fave
I thought I took a lot of pictures of every nails I did, from my mom's, cousins' to in-laws, but I guess not. haha. My favorite are the fading ones, although they require the most work and does not last for so long because of the thickness layer of clear nail polish that it require, it chips faster. My next fave would be white with black zebra stripes. 

It takes a little bit of time but its fun and unique. 

Since yesterday was St. Patrick's day, I colored my nails green, well turquoise, but close enough. haha

Happy nail painting...

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