Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoom Zoom Zoom


Have you ever had a dream car? Ever played with matchbox as a child?

This weekend, we went to an auto show at the Hawaii Convention Center. It was like being a kid all over again, except they weren't matchbox, but real cars that half of America can't afford to purchase. Especially, with today's economy and gas prices increasing almost everyday. 
Walking around for 3 hours with high heels on, I sat down to wait for my husband finish his car to car viewing (3 hours wasn't enough for him, haha).  It's interesting what you see when you're just still in the middle of a whole bunch of people.  Some went inside the cars, checked out what features it has, some just looked at the price tag to see the price and how much the MPG is, which by the way, electric cars are the next hybrids, but overall, people like me were there because most of us are a bunch of dreamers.  Dreaming that one day we'll get that car we've always wanted. 

What is your dream car? 
Here are some of the cars I took pictures of...

 Love this Ferrari's interior...

Another Ferrari
This bad boy on the bottom? It's only $273K. That's how much a mansion cost in some states. Most of these luxury cars were locked and blocked.
This Audi R8 is something I always look forward to, every car show. Love the LED lights and it just looks so classy and fast at the same time. 
Audi R8
So those are really nice luxury cars, huh? Well, guess which car I like?

Yup! This very unique, Nissan Cube. haha. It's a more realistic dream. Something that can actually happen within the next 5 years. haha. I just love how it's different, so futuristic, not too small but not too big in space, perfect to drive for someone who's under 5" like me. haha. And it's just so...for lack of a better word, cool.

Well, there's nothing wrong with dreaming. So whether it'd be a Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, or even a Cube that you dream about, keep on dreaming and make sure to reach for your dreams. If it's meant to be...then you'll get it. If not, be content with what you have anyway. 

Love and Mahalo

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